Scholarship applications now being accepted

The Grenadines Initiative scholarship program was created to help students access academic programs in SVG and beyond. We’ve long offered in-country scholarships to offset expenses (transit, supplies) associated with access to public secondary school programs. Selection criteria include exam results and personal aspirations, and awards are decided by a group of local stakeholders, those who know the contextContinue reading “Scholarship applications now being accepted”

Kenshia is coming to Canada

Inspired by the work of others, she’s decided to pay it forward. Kenshia Richards was born and raised in Bequia. Her mother runs a small ice cream shop in Port Elizabeth, and her father is a plumber, and, as she says, “an all-rounder on the island.” She attended Bequia Community High School, where she graduatedContinue reading “Kenshia is coming to Canada”

“COVID is not going away”

An interview with Sir James Mitchell on his thoughts on life in the pandemic, and the need to make a change. by Glen Herbert Born and raised in Bequia, Sir James Mitchell served as the second Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines from 1984 to 2000 and as Premier of Saint Vincent from 1972 to 1974. He founded the New Democratic Party (NDP)Continue reading ““COVID is not going away””

Hands Across the Sea book donation

By Tylisha Miller The month of December greeted us with boxes of some of the greatest gifts a child can ask for, books! Our friends Darcy and John brought us boxes of interesting children’s book ranging from all genres and levels. The books were a donation was from Hands Across the Sea. John and Darcy volunteerContinue reading “Hands Across the Sea book donation”

You make a life by what you give

by Tylisha Miller Volunteering is significant as it offers fundamental assistance to worthwhile causes, individuals in need, and the wider community. Without a doubt, numerous organizations and good causes depend on the liberality of volunteers as oftentimes they’re just part-financed through government or local councils, and can’t bear to pay rates for all their staff.Continue reading “You make a life by what you give”