You make a life by what you give

by Tylisha Miller Volunteering is significant as it offers fundamental assistance to worthwhile causes, individuals in need, and the wider community. Without a doubt, numerous organizations and good causes depend on the liberality of volunteers as oftentimes they’re just part-financed through government or local councils, and can’t bear to pay rates for all their staff.Continue reading “You make a life by what you give”

Back to the books

Solana Gooding has spearheaded a campaign to find textbooks for students who need them. If you’ve ever wanted to change the world, this is how you do it.¬† by Solana Gooding¬† Meet Itesha. Itesha is just starting off her first year of Secondary School at The Bequia Community High. I hadn’t met Itesha before theContinue reading “Back to the books”

Lending a hand

It’s been a tough time for all, though that’s particularly true for people on the island who depend on tourism. The economic situation is felt keenly now, and it will resonate for the foreseeable future. So, we decided to offer a hand in the form of 80 food vouchers, each valued at $100 to beContinue reading “Lending a hand”


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