The road from Port Elizabeth to MIT

I recently met with Helen Stowe whose daughter, Keonna Simon, is enrolled in the biology program at MIT. For many, her journey is a story of academic achievement, which of course it is. But it’s also about how we support children, how they learn and grow.  And it’s about opportunity. Raised on Bequia, Keonna’s storyContinue reading “The road from Port Elizabeth to MIT”

Scholarship applications now being accepted

The Grenadines Initiative scholarship program was created to help students access academic programs in SVG and beyond. We’ve long offered in-country scholarships to offset expenses (transit, supplies) associated with access to public secondary school programs. Selection criteria include exam results and personal aspirations, and awards are decided by a group of local stakeholders, those who know the contextContinue reading “Scholarship applications now being accepted”

Gathering a community

A chef from St. Vincent by way of Brooklyn seeks to lend a helping hand If the food elevates the The Food Sermon, Williams certainly does as well. Described perhaps a bit unfairly by one writer as “a theology school dropout” he works to serve the soul as much as the stomach. His food gathersContinue reading “Gathering a community”


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