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December 2021: “There are so many good people in the world”

November 2021: Kenshia is coming to Canada

September 2021: Back to school

August 2021: Checking in with Sir James

June 2021: Good news bad news

May 2021: Celebrating the Koven Family Foundation

They literally helped the blind to see, and now they are working to make the vaccine available.

February 2021: Solana’s initiative

Food boxes; pitching in at the Bequia Anglican Primary School

December 2020: Where we are, where we are going

Reflecting on the year past, and the work ahead.

October 2020: Volunteer culture

The benefits of a volunteer culture, and an update on the textbook project.

August 2020: Lending a hand

Launching the voucher program; paying tribute to Ron Cutajar

June 2020: Celebrating the class of 2020

Graduates, a new boat for the junior sailors, and a history of the Bequia Mission

May 2020: Little things mean a lot 

Checking with two great friends, one old and one new.

February 2020: Chromebooks at the LC; Jamell Ollivierre

The chromebook program continues to grow, and we check in with a medical student from Lower Bay.

October 2021: Scholarships announced

July 2021: Meeting the challenge of the pandemic head on

April 2021: Responding to La Soufriere

How to help during a challenging time.

March 2021: We’re only as strong as our neighbour is

There’s power in visiting friends.

January 2021: Expanding the voucher program

An update on the voucher program; a donation from Hands Across the Sea

November 2020: A Cutajar Update

Reopening the Learning Centre; Solana’s book drive.

September 2020: Back to the books

Reopening the Learning Centre; Solana’s book drive.

July 2020: Rinette’s Story

The work of the WPP, and details of scholarship applications

April 2020: Look for the helpers

Troubling times deserve resilient people. The COVID crisis? We’ve go this.

January 2020: Monelle’s Story; Reading at the LC; Gardening at the Sunshine School 

Can there be any better story than learning to read?

December 2019: It was a very good year

We look back at the people and the work of a year.

October 2019: Cooking in Canada with Gabby Ollivierre 

She’s top of her class, and gaining work experience at a local restaurant. When we visited a few weeks ago she was apprenticing at Joey Barlow, voted in a magazine readers poll as one of the best restaurants in the city, as well as working shifts in the Highwood, a fine-dining restaurant on campus.

November 2019: Closing the digital gap

The importance of growing digital skills will bring students closer to the world beyond.

September 2019: Back to school

Some of the reasons we go to school aren’t necessarily the ones we think of first.

August 2019: Bridging the gaps

Often the barriers to education to students in the Caribbean are surprising to people who haven’t experienced them first hand. 

June 2019: Hairouna Daze supports the students of the Learning Center; Sargassum crisis

Taking stock of local initiatives for change.

July 2019: Gardening at the Sunshine School; Recorder Karate! 

As students develop the knowledge and skills of growing and taking care of a garden, their confidence grows, too.

May 2019: Super Cape-abilities; Kadeen Hazel, valedictorian

Are there better stories than this? Let us know if there are, as we’d like to hear them: local children gain the power of advocacy, and Kadeen delivers a valedictory speech to his class at flight school.

April, 2019: Junior Sailing Academy Bequia; profile of Sister Cherrylynn Glynn 

A great program, and a profile of a beloved volunteer.

February, 2019: Think Differently; Supporting We Choose 

Programs that make use of local talent to approach global problems.

March, 2019: Annual benefit gala

Save the date to change the world.

January, 2019: Going to school: The benefits of in-country scholarships

We follow two students as they go to school.

December, 2018: A profile of Carmette Gooding; peer-to-peer book drive

A profile of one of the best, and sharing the love of reading.

October, 2018: We Inspire youth seminar; Gabby Olivierre: Cooking in Canada

Gabby Ollivierre’s first real experience of snow came with a freak storm that hit Calgary on October 2. It was also the beginning of a new life.

November, 2018: Scholarships; Tylisha Miller on life at the Learning Centre

The more you know about the Learning Centre, the happier you’ll be.

September, 2018: Launching the Grenadines Initiative; Chromebooks to Bequia

We’re away! The launch of a new name and a new program.

Let’s build something great together.

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