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March 2023
Heroes!, Scholarship applications now being accepted

February 2023
Supporting Positive Vibes

January 2023
Remembering Ray Goodwin, Kenisha Richards graduates

December 2022
Sailing championships, Robots at the Learning Center

November 2022
The road from Port Elizabeth to MIT

October 2022
Checking in with Kadeem Hazell; Delivering PPE to Kingstown

September 2022
New scholarships granted
; summer programs

August 2022
A stellar summer for the Learning Centre

July 2022
Summer youth programs

June 2022
Setting sail with the JSAB

May 2022
What real learning looks like

April 2022
Celebrating the people in our neighbourhood

March 2022
Gathering community at The Food Sermon

February 2022
Scholarships announced

January 2022
Celebrating the kids of the Bequia Karate School

December 2021: “There are so many good people in the world”

November 2021: Kenshia is coming to Canada

September 2021: Back to school

August 2021: Checking in with Sir James

June 2021: Good news bad news

May 2021: Celebrating the Koven Family Foundation

They literally helped the blind to see, and now they are working to make the vaccine available.

February 2021: Solana’s initiative

Food boxes; pitching in at the Bequia Anglican Primary School

December 2020: Where we are, where we are going

Reflecting on the year past, and the work ahead.

October 2020: Volunteer culture

The benefits of a volunteer culture, and an update on the textbook project.

August 2020: Lending a hand

Launching the voucher program; paying tribute to Ron Cutajar

June 2020: Celebrating the class of 2020

Graduates, a new boat for the junior sailors, and a history of the Bequia Mission

May 2020: Little things mean a lot 

Checking with two great friends, one old and one new.

February 2020: Chromebooks at the LC; Jamell Ollivierre

The chromebook program continues to grow, and we check in with a medical student from Lower Bay.

October 2021: Scholarships announced

July 2021: Meeting the challenge of the pandemic head on

April 2021: Responding to La Soufriere

How to help during a challenging time.

March 2021: We’re only as strong as our neighbour is

There’s power in visiting friends.

January 2021: Expanding the voucher program

An update on the voucher program; a donation from Hands Across the Sea

November 2020: A Cutajar Update

Reopening the Learning Centre; Solana’s book drive.

September 2020: Back to the books

Reopening the Learning Centre; Solana’s book drive.

July 2020: Rinette’s Story

The work of the WPP, and details of scholarship applications

April 2020: Look for the helpers

Troubling times deserve resilient people. The COVID crisis? We’ve go this.

January 2020: Monelle’s Story; Reading at the LC; Gardening at the Sunshine School 

Can there be any better story than learning to read?

December 2019: It was a very good year

We look back at the people and the work of a year.

October 2019: Cooking in Canada with Gabby Ollivierre 

She’s top of her class, and gaining work experience at a local restaurant. When we visited a few weeks ago she was apprenticing at Joey Barlow, voted in a magazine readers poll as one of the best restaurants in the city, as well as working shifts in the Highwood, a fine-dining restaurant on campus.

November 2019: Closing the digital gap

The importance of growing digital skills will bring students closer to the world beyond.

September 2019: Back to school

Some of the reasons we go to school aren’t necessarily the ones we think of first.

August 2019: Bridging the gaps

Often the barriers to education to students in the Caribbean are surprising to people who haven’t experienced them first hand. 

June 2019: Hairouna Daze supports the students of the Learning Center; Sargassum crisis

Taking stock of local initiatives for change.

July 2019: Gardening at the Sunshine School; Recorder Karate! 

As students develop the knowledge and skills of growing and taking care of a garden, their confidence grows, too.

May 2019: Super Cape-abilities; Kadeen Hazel, valedictorian

Are there better stories than this? Let us know if there are, as we’d like to hear them: local children gain the power of advocacy, and Kadeen delivers a valedictory speech to his class at flight school.

April, 2019: Junior Sailing Academy Bequia; profile of Sister Cherrylynn Glynn 

A great program, and a profile of a beloved volunteer.

February, 2019: Think Differently; Supporting We Choose 

Programs that make use of local talent to approach global problems.

March, 2019: Annual benefit gala

Save the date to change the world.

January, 2019: Going to school: The benefits of in-country scholarships

We follow two students as they go to school.

December, 2018: A profile of Carmette Gooding; peer-to-peer book drive

A profile of one of the best, and sharing the love of reading.

October, 2018: We Inspire youth seminar; Gabby Olivierre: Cooking in Canada

Gabby Ollivierre’s first real experience of snow came with a freak storm that hit Calgary on October 2. It was also the beginning of a new life.

November, 2018: Scholarships; Tylisha Miller on life at the Learning Centre

The more you know about the Learning Centre, the happier you’ll be.

September, 2018: Launching the Grenadines Initiative; Chromebooks to Bequia

We’re away! The launch of a new name and a new program.

Let’s build something great together.

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