Scholarship applications now being accepted

The Grenadines Initiative scholarship program was created to help students access academic programs in SVG and beyond. We’ve long offered in-country scholarships to offset expenses (transit, supplies) associated with access to public secondary school programs. Selection criteria include exam results and personal aspirations, and awards are decided by a group of local stakeholders, those who know the context best. Funds are used to buy travel vouchers and supplies which are then given to the recipients at the beginning of each semester.

We are now accepting applications for elementary and secondary students intending to study at schools on Bequia and St. Vincent, and post-secondary students intending to enrol at institutions within the CARICOM region.

To apply for elementary and secondary financial support, CLICK HERE.

To apply for post-secondary support, CLICK HERE.

Completed applications can be dropped off at The Learning Center in Port Elizabeth or Solana’s store in the harbor.

Applications can also be submitted via email at

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