The road from Port Elizabeth to MIT

I recently met with Helen Stowe whose daughter, Keonna Simon, is enrolled in the biology program at MIT. For many, her journey is a story of academic achievement, which of course it is. But it’s also about how we support children, how they learn and grow.  And it’s about opportunity. Raised on Bequia, Keonna’s storyContinue reading “The road from Port Elizabeth to MIT”

These are the people in our neigbourhood

Often when we talk about programs, we talk in vague terms, and food security is an example of that. We know what we’re talking about—addressing need, helping others—but the people that are helped are left out of the equation. But of course what we’re really talking about are real people, each with their own story.Continue reading “These are the people in our neigbourhood”

Kadeen Hazel, Valedictorian

Kadeen Hazell was chosen as valedictorian of his graduating class, representing his cohort of the Essentials Fixed Wing Flight Training at Canadore College. In his address he spoke about how far he’d come, both geographically and conceptually, as well as the challenges he has faced along the way. He implored those gathered to “do whatContinue reading “Kadeen Hazel, Valedictorian”

This is where dreams begin

by Glen Herbert On the application for in-country scholarships this year we asked “What is your dream career?” Reading over those applications it’s delightful to see what young people in SVG are thinking of: “My dream is to become a pilot“ “I would love to work for a company that makes time saving and life enriching products thatContinue reading “This is where dreams begin”


This is an article that ran in Bequia This Week and with Nicola’s permission I’m posting it here. Once again, Sir James Mitchell brings a needed perspective. Speaking on WE FM Radio’s ‘Issue at Hand’ programme on Sunday morning, former SVG PM Sir James Mitchell said he “wanted to beg…to plead…to ask …to beseech” the people inContinue reading ““WE ARE ALL SOLDIERS IN THE SAME WAR” SAYS FORMER PM SIR JAMES MITCHELL “