You make a life by what you give

by Tylisha Miller

Volunteering is significant as it offers fundamental assistance to worthwhile causes, individuals in need, and the wider community. Without a doubt, numerous organizations and good causes depend on the liberality of volunteers as oftentimes they’re just part-financed through government or local councils, and can’t bear to pay rates for all their staff. Indeed, numerous organizations depend solely on volunteers to assist them with flourishing and thriving with their work.

A lot of times we teach our children that a selfless act such as volunteering isn’t worth their time as there is no financial gain. Little do we know that we are putting up a blockade to a number of opportunities and experiences to be had.

Find inspiration

Young people who are unsure of their future career can use this opportunity to find themselves. In the midst of helping others they may be finding their passion and drive. A once aspiring technician may find joy in the education sector from volunteering at schools and working with children. A once aspiring teacher may find their love for healthcare after volunteering with the sick, elderly and at hospitals/clinics.

Connect with others

Volunteering is a significant and intriguing approach to meet individuals who you may not ordinarily associate with: individuals from various age gatherings, nationalities or social gatherings. Since volunteering is available to everybody, it permits you to meet a wide assortment of individuals from a wide range of different backgrounds, something that can just open your eyes further.

Contribute to a cause you care about

At the end of the day you may find your work volunteering to be the most fun and rewarding thing you will ever do. You will go home knowing you’ve made an impact in some way and it will leave a lifelong impression on yourself and others around you.

If you’re considering volunteering, ask yourself a few questions before taking the plunge. Firstly, really think about which causes you’re passionate about—it means you’re more likely to enjoy and stay committed to the work.

Tylisha Miller is director of the Learning Centre, an after school program in Port Elizabeth.

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