Grenadines Initiative Education Fund

If you could give
your child one thing
to succeed in life,
what would it be?

It’s a question all parents have asked.

So have we.

“Some of my classmates, when I told them, a lot of them used to laugh,” says Jamell Ollivierre when I met with him in March one morning for coffee at Keegan’s. He understands why they laughed. What he told them was that he wanted to become a doctor. “Just the thought and the idea of becoming a doctor seems silly to most people,” he says. “But it wasn’t to me.”

He’s a strong person, with the support of a strong family, and he persisted. He’s a volunteer with the Red Cross. He’s an athlete, and a mentor. He’s also currently in his third year of medical school, supported by donors who came forward in order to help him on his way. But it’s the support from the people that didn’t doubt him, but rather encouraged him to follow his aspirations, that got him to where he is today.

That’s what we’d give this holiday season.
And we can.

When I ask Jamelle how he’d like to people to think of him, he first demurs, but then decides not to. “When people look at me, I’d like them to think that this guy came from this small island, so many obstacles before him, and he overcame every single one of them to achieve what he could achieve, and come back and help to pull others up with him. That’s what I really hope to achieve.”

That’s what the Grenadines Initiative Education Fund is all about. It’s chromebooks and scholarships; thumb drives and textbooks; tutoring and sailing instruction and karate lessons and gardening at the Sunshine School.

It’s people helping people achieve. People helping kids overcome obstacles, letting them know that their dreams matter.

Just sometimes knowing that somebody cares inspires you and empowers you to be courageous.”

Dave Chappelle

By giving to the Grenadines Initiative Education Fund you will help kids get to school. You’ll help them find peers and mentors. You’ll help them build digital literacy, and access resources from around the world. You’ll get books into their hands, and a hot lunch on their plate.

And you’ll give them the courage to dream, to work hard, and to keep going, knowing that they have a community behind them that wants them to succeed.

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